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Gail Graphix Media - A Social Media Marketing and Management Agency

We are a social media marketing and management agency based in Dayton, Ohio, specializing in B2C digital marketing within Facebook and Instagram platforms. Our main focus is the production of state of the art, cutting edge, comprehensive designs and marketing with personal service & professional results for corporations and small businesses.

Social Media Management

Our social media management is a complete plan to make your brand more social with constant content creation to stay connected to your target audience.

Content Creation

We create content that's ROI focused and adjacent to your KPI. Stay connected with your audience with updated content, creatives, banners, reels, videos and more!

Sponsored Ads

Our sponsored ads are tailored to your target audience, delivering stellar creatives and copy that connect with your potential customers.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation campaigns are created to get the information you need to generate a qualified lead for your business.